Empower your supporters to email decision-makers directly from your website and automatically sync their data with your nation

Want your campaign target to feel the heat?

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CampaignNow enables your supporters to email your campaign targets directly from your website, and all data is automatically tracked in your nation.

  • Full support for signup tags and custom fields, so you can collect exactly the data you need.
  • No iframes or messy embeds, so you control the design.
  • Customisable auto-responders.
  • No CampaignNow branding anywhere - your supporters only see your brand.
  • Extension available for postcode to MP match tool in Australia, so your supporters are automatically connected with their federal representative.


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Get Started with CampaignNow today

Configure an auto-responder so your supporters receive a personalised thank you sent from your organisation's email

Get Started with CampaignNow today

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All plans include

Unlimited campaigns
Unlimited users
50,000 emails/month
Multiple campaign targets
NationBuilder data sync
Support for custom fields
Signup tags & point people
Landing page redirects
Complete design control
Fully white-label
Email notifications
Personal auto-responders
Custom form logic
Embeddable campaigns
Same day support
Ultimate data security
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Postcode to MP Match Tool*

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    Try out our MP matching tool. Don't worry, this is just a demo and no data is sent :)

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    Try out our MP matching tool. Don't worry, this is just a demo and no data is sent :)

    *CampaignNow supplies raw html code to power email submissions on your website without any coding knowledge. You can read more about advanced auto-match options here. Note: The staged example above demonstrates what's possible with CampaignNow and additional javascript knowledge. For any advanced assistance, please get in touch!